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Order Services

This page is not intended to replace the WSDL description for order services.
This page is intended to provide additional information on the operation of some methods which may not be obvious from the WSDL description.

Web Service Operations


GetConfirmedOrders Operation


The GetConfirmedOrders operation retrieve all confirmed orders between two specified dates.

The request consits of two dates. The format string is yyyy-mm-ddT00:00:00 eg.: 2006-04-17T14:29:09


CreateOrder Operation


Create a new order for items and return order and pricing details.



GetOrderDetails Operation


Retrieve order details, prices and items for an existing order.
If the order has been confirmed then the download links to the source file will become available.



ConfirmOrder Operation


Confirm the purchase of an order.


GetDeliveryOption Operation


List all available delivery options



GetFileURLForOrder Operation


Get just the download paths for all items in an order.
The order must have been confirmed before this method is called.


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