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This page is not intended to replace the WSDL description for search services.
This page is intended to provide additional information on the operation of some methods which may not be obvious from the WSDL description.

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The FindItems method is the main method to run an search against the database.
This method expects an object to be passed called SearchCriteria, which defines the details which you wish to run the search upon.

Once called, it will return an array of items (ItemRef being the unique key), and summary information of the search results.

Please see the definition of the ItemSearchCriteria for the Web Service Version 1.0 and 2.0

When using the search method you can define the number of items you would like returned. This will not limit the number of items found by the search, but will allow you show a first page, and then request the second set of items later. To do this, there are two options with the search criteria:

All searches are automatically limited to locate a maximum 2000 items. Setting MaximumRowsToSelect over 2000 will have no effect.

If you choose to return less than the maximum number of items by having InitialRowsToReturn less than MaximumRowsToSelect, then you can retrieve more rows later by using GetResults.
Results are held on servers for no more than 20 minutes. After this time they are automatically deleted, and cannot be referenced using GetResults. If you attempt to reference a result set that has been deleted, you will not receive any error, you will get no items returned.

GetResults is obsolete. Please see the definitions of the Version 2.0

Brand Searches

The most common type of search is a brand search. This allows you to search upon the brand and product assigns to each advertisment.
There are two ways to run a brand search.

Keyword Searches

Keyword searches allow searching upon the Title, End Line and Story Line of advertisements.

Keyword searches are not recommended unless you are passing a PortfolioRef.

is currently experiencing performance problems with keyword searches which may make most keyword searches timeout and be canceled.


The FindBrands method returns a list of BrandRefs when passed a piece of text to search upon. The BrandRefs returned can be passed to FindItems to allow a more specific brand search.


Please see the definitions of the Item for the Version 1.0 and 2.0 Web Services

The results of a search are returned as an array of item objects. These items will hold all the details for each item, such as Brand, Title, Transmission Date etc.
Each item will include a link to the items thumbnail (a 115x92 JPEG image), and whenever available a link to a preview file and source file.
Currently preview and source files will only be available for Portfolio results, and preview files are only ever available for TV and Radio items.

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