Soap Web Services

Access to Web Services.

Web Services hosted by are not public access. To gain access to any web services, please contact .

Required Soap Headers

All SOAP web services supplied by required a standard SOAP header named Caller. This Caller can define two identities and a PortfolioRef


The CallerID is the unique ID of the system contacting and is assigned by when access to the web services are granted. This ID is used to validate access to web services, and should always remain the same. Any specific CallerID may not have access to all web services hosted by

If you are wishing to use any of web services as if you were a different user, you must use the ImpersonateID.

ImpersonateID (Optional)

The ImpersonateID is the ID of a different user which the calling system wishes to impersonate. If the calling system does not need to impersonate another user, this should be left empty.

ImpersonateID's do not have rights to directly access web services, and should not be used as CallerID.


The PortfolioRef determines if the services requested are to be run against a specific Subscription, or against the entire database. If a PortfolioRef is passed, the CallerID (or ImpersonateID if used) must have been given access to that subscription, and any search run will return items only from specified subscription.

If you pass a reference that you have not explicitly been give access to, searches will still run but will not return any items. If you have not been granted access to any subscriptions you will recieve an access denied error.

To search the entire database, leave this option empty.

Old Services Available (backward compatibility):

New Services Available: